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Review Submitted: Sunday, 22 November 2015 11:21

I love your bags

I will never buy any bag other than a Gucci bag. Not only do you offer a wonderful selection and fashion forward colors - they are beautifully made too.
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: YoungWork

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Groovy Dress Shoes

Groovy Dress Shoes

Simple and sophisticated, and oh so versatile! Wear these elegant boots with jeans or...

399,00 EUR

Viscose Rib Turtleneck

Viscose Rib Turtleneck

Gucci children's viscose rib turtleneck, available in white....

345,00 EUR
Coats & Jackets

Cotton Polo Shirt

Cotton Polo Shirt

Gucci stretch cotton polo finished with signature web detail at the collar. ...

475,00 EUR

Black Tweed Jacket

Black Tweed Jacket

Gucci tweed jacket with knit web trim. Made in Italy....

2.800,00 EUR
Coats & Jackets

Animalier Leather Clutch

Animalier Leather Clutch

A feline metal detail sits on the front of this Gucci leather clutch with a...

1.690,00 EUR

Sparkling Leather Sandal

Sparkling Leather Sandal

The GG features a crystal encrusted interlocking G on the front of these metallic leather...

720,00 EUR

Location: United Kingdom, London

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